Sunday 7 September 2014

American Writers Awards and other interviews!

Interview with Derick Hudson

Tell us about yourself
I’m forty-something, married, have three hyper children, and live in a house by a creepy lake in Co Cavan, Ireland. My first manuscript Dying To Date was long listed for the UK’s prestigious Harry Bowling Literary Award in the detective fiction genre. My background is in the marketing profession, with a particular emphasis on market research and public relations and have appeared in publications including The Sunday Business Post, The Sunday Tribune, The Sunday World, The Evening Herald, The Drogheda Independent, The Anglo Celt, The Cavan Post, Cavan Echo, Checkout, Retail News, Shelflife, Deadline, Marketing, and The Irish Marketing Journal. I am a deeply passionate and energetic individual…and want to rock your world, literally.
Why have your written this book
I wrote the book because I was bored, hyperactive and needed an excuse to get off having to weed the garden. Another equally pressing reason was because I have read so many books purporting to be funny which were not remotely tonsil tickling, and like any decent comic superhero, I decided to rectify the matter and produce an opus of laughter. And going by the reviews to date I think I may well have pulled it off! Although, always the pessimist, I’m waiting for the ‘rotten apple’ to tell me ‘Dysfunctional Romance!’ failed miserably to move, by even one millimeter, her/his heavily bottoxed laughter lines!
Who should read your book and why?
Anybody needing a ‘pick-me-up’ who can depart with just a tiny proportion of their precious funds! ‘Dysfunctional Romance!’ has garnered a substantial ‘lady’ following, but men can also benefit by realizing that, although they may be inadequate in certain aspects of life, they are not remotely as inadequate as the book’s male protagonist, Barry Shaw.
In a perfect world nobody would by afflicted by failed romances, panic attacks, anxiety, OCD, ADHD…and whatever else you’re having yourself! But life is not like that and we all have crosses to carry, some petty, others life crippling. ‘Dysfunctional Romance!’ looks at the funny side of some of these afflictions and shows us that life can still be great fun, with or without the use of anti-depressants and alcohol!
In a nutshell, emphases being on nut, ‘Dysfunctional Romance!’ will make you laugh out loud, cry and generally drive you insane!
Tell us more about yourself – How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?
I feel like I have been thinking about writing a book since using my powerful, manly tail to help me to swim up to penetrate the prettiest egg available inside my mother’s fertile womb . For the last few years I have dipped my literary toe into many genres including crime, young adult and humor, and am still quite content dabbling within these exciting environments. However, having now landed in the contemporary romance category, I feel a little bit more a home. At the moment I have six separate book projects ongoing, any one of which may see the light of day…soon. I just need to keep drinking copious quantities of decaf coffee and pretend it is keeping me awake long enough to hit the keyboard with vigor.
What would you like to say to whoever is reading this right now?
Congratulations on having taste…and don’t forget to post only positive reviews online!!! Please join me on Twitter, where over 6,000 crazy people are following tweeted excerpts from the book. And, most importantly, thank you for buying ‘Dysfunctional Romance!’

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